Precision Fine Art Scanning

Quinte Photo Services offers high resolution, colour calibrated, custom scanning of everything from slides, negatives and photographs, to drawings, paintings, even king-sized bed quilts. All scanning is done right on-site, usually within 48 hours. Great care is taken to ensure the safety of your precious originals throughout the process. Basic editing to remove dust and scratches is included. Additional editing to restore damage or deterioration is also available. Digital files are prepared to meet any specifications. Files are delivered as both high resolution files optimized for printing and web files optimized for use online.

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Paintings and Drawings

$35 for first item ($17.50 per additional item)

artwork being photograph behind glass
Artwork can be scanned even while framed behind glass.
colour calibration swatch included in image scan
A tightly controlled colour calibration system is employed to ensure accurate colour.

We employ a tightly controlled, colour calibrated, system for making fine art reproduction quality scans of your artwork. A polarized lighting system prevents glare on glossy media such as acrylic and oil paintings. This system also allows us to work with framed artwork with having to remove it from its frame.

Large Documents

$35 for first item ($17.50 per additional item)

large poster being scanned
Posters scanned and enhanced.

Larger documents such as old photographs, maps, posters, album covers, and books are not a problem.

Slide Transparencies and Film Negatives

$20 for first image and then $10 per image

slides and negatives ready for scanning
slides and negatives

35mm and 120mm negative and and slide transparency film can be scanned at high enough resolution to produce 16″ x 24″ prints.

Quilts and Fabric Arts

$48 per item

large quilt being photographed with front, back, and detail images
full-size bed quilt with details

Full-sized bed quilts King-size and beyond are possible through the use of an overhead loft and studio lighting. Front, back and detail images are provided.